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Friday, December 6, 2013

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

*Approach U*

How are you recently?Time passes faster,still remember when was the last day we met?
Honestly, until now i have no idea how to approach you.
I stalk your profile when i have nothing to do, for sure, when i think of u too.
As i said, to know you deeply, i have to have supporter to support and give me encouragement.
Since they are the one who know u early than me & for sure,will tell me more about you,hehe...
As there is a suitable time, i will share with you guys who is the guy & hope i can struggle my blessed this time.

My Eyes T.T

Just like doctor say,my right eyes is almost blind effect of born under not enough months.I was totally shocked when the doctor said my right eyes can be said is blind. I can't accept this no matter i knew my eyes is totally different with others people,they can see with their 1 pair of eyes but i just see by 1 of my eyes.I can't even have my driving test too. You don't know how much i admire my sister. She can have driving test, born under good condition......Thus, i don't know how is the feel of using both eyes to see the world and driving on the road.I know i can't experienced it forever.I tried to act natural when i heard this news. I have try to ask doctor if i can do any surgery or not for my eyes,he said its too late,i felt disappointed at the moment.At the same moment,i asked myself,am i the unlucky one?Why i should born with this defects?why not others?Because of this,i not dare to stare people longer, not dare to look at people who passed by me. It is so suffer to face this situation.Do you know my feeling?I don't think so.I write this is not want to blame or what,i just want to share my own experienced since nobody i can share,even if there is somebody to share,i don't think i can say out like i write at blog.Anyway, i have to stay strong to grow up & face with this fact too.Please bless me & thanks god for let me born in a healthy family although my father had passed away since i was 2 years old but i still have a lovely & wonderful family & friends.

Do u had used to face me ?

Thursday, October 25, 2012

^Holiday Mood^

Tomorrow is Public Holiday yo~~~
Everyone is having his/her holiday include U too <3
Did u have any plan yet?Just take a rest at home?
I guess that u sure have your own plan already since i got some information le,keke.
But i wonder will u join or not ler?
By the way, i didn't have any plan yet so i hope to see you again @.@

God, please make my wish come true bah,TQ^^ 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Honestly,i had fall in love with you since the very first time we met.
But too bad, its just a short distance to look out you.
That time i was curious if u have a girlfriend or not?
After the 2nd time we met, i was so happy & felt unbelievable,we met again!!!
Although we not much talk or even never talk,but i know u like to talk(talkative & friendly).
Within my 1st impression, u're a helpful & smart guy. You like to joking & make people laugh, oh,u're so attractive.
We met again.
You say 'Hi' to me & it make me warm.
Along the journey, it was much grateful that you're joining together. You made my day.
In the middle-ing, it was a miracle for me. I cant even express what feeling should i have.(暗笑)
I like the way you talk although it so stupid,but i just felt like 'oh, thanks god for letting you appear again'.
I hope we can start from be a friends. 
I don't know how your impression to me,maybe just a normal girl.
However, i am just a simple girl that sometimes felt inferiority with myself.
But i know i have to stay stronger to have a better life.
I am waiting you right here^^

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

0 mark

Today we have a account in class assignment,its about budgeting & i totally hang about this chapter..haha
this was my first time i blank the paper and stuck for half hour,i also felt funny with this.. 

i never do this before,miss also laugh when i told her i didn't do at all..
Anyway,what i lost,i will try my best to take it back..
For the test 2 and final exam,i have to work hard to take a good result,at least take a credit lol,but accounting 2 really hard,so i just hope i can pass it..

God bless me please~

Sunday, November 13, 2011

without me & without you~

Without me,you will be more happy~
Without me,you will be more independent~
Without me,you will be more freedom~

Without you,i will be more sad~
Without you,i will be more dependent~
Without you,i will be more lonely~

This is because I used to have your presence, used to have your message, used to have your concern, used to have your dependent, used to become your everything~
But now,i lose everything,i lose your trustfulness to me, i lose your expectation to me......
Everything happened out of my expectation,i don't know whose problem is it,but i 
can sure that i am the one who messed up everything,
i am so sorry about it.
I don't hope you can forgive me, 
i just hope i can see your smile appear on your face everyday,
that enough for me~
God bless you for everything that you do & as your friend,
i will support you at the back~

Saturday, November 12, 2011