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Sadness & happiness

Sunday, March 13, 2011


The day before yesterday, emily,vivian and mirra came to stay at my home, Papar...This was their 1st time except for Mirra...haha,she knew well with my home position already,right?wakaka...Our objective is doing our english assgnment which nedd to prresent on monday and also do the housekeeping test revision...
We took picture since boring do the assignment,haha....happy2 cz i like to take picture..

Another unexpected choice^^

We started to sms and chating recently...we try to know each other by asking this n that..........n sumtimes his concern make me felt happy and felt that i'm being care....this was my another 1st time after broke down with my ex.....thx for that,i hope we can know more about each other.....n let evrything goes naturally....