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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Just now go karaoke with mum.
Hee,my aunt and her friends also have join us..yuhuu~
2night i choose to drink beer because 2morow no claz..haha.
But i not dare to drink more,because i have experience before.
After i had drink 2 tin of tiger that day,my body appear some red 'bintik'..
OMG~actually is 'jiu mo'..hee,maybe i still not used to drink a lot.
I tried to find some songs to sng,but lastly i dint find it,disappointed..

Never mind..I will sing as much as i want on this thursday,wakaka..

Am i?

Sum1 said i am lesbian 2day.
I was angry when i heard that,and suddenly say out some fucking words to her,sorry for that.
I admit i like to relate with girl more than boys,but it also doesn't mean i am that kind of person.
Actually i not only said by her,but my sister also.She asked me why i quite like to take picture with someone closely.
Then i said,come on..
This is a common things lah.

I know that i am not that kind of person jiu ok lol..don't worry lah.Take it easy.

U & me

Is ages will be the problem when choosing a couple?
I can say that not really..
Some people will think to become lesbian,gay or 'jie di lian'..
These is not wrong.
But when they decide to do so,they have to accept all the people eyesight.
Anyway,not everyone can suffer from this situation.
He and i was together almost 2 month.
I was felicity to have him as my boyfriend.
We are very happy and i wishes to hold him forever if could,but i know,it is impossible.
We share everything,talk everything..
Although there are some problems between us in specific matter,
but we still can very romantic as other couples.
Anyway,not every relationship can maintain longer.
We were break after 2 months.
Even though the reason for break is so suck and unbelievable,i still need to accept.
When i saw him,i try to hate him,because i still cant give up him.
But at last,i can't do that.
Maybe my love to him is too deep already.
Anyway,just regard him can find a more better person to share everything,but i know,that person shouldn't be me anymore.