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Thursday, September 30, 2010


In this world,family,friends and lover are the person that we will meet  and have.
But among them,which are the most important,more impoartant and important for you?
If u ask me,i will say family is the first,friends is the second and lover is the third important person in my life.
If i ask some of my friends,they will say the same things like me,but after that,they change their mind,same like if have a lover,friends are nothing for them.This kind of things i already used to.
But if u ask me if i will do the same things like them,i can strictly say 'NO'.
This is because i use my heart to make a friends,not like others people just know to utilize friends but not sincere to make a friends.I hate this kind of people.
Even though i already couple,i also wont let him treat my frineds badly,and he also can't control me to find a friends.
Boyfriends can find back if break off,but if freinds,it can not easily find,so,i will cherish all of my friends.
Luckily,i didn't meet this kind of people,if not,i will hate them forever.
My mum and my sis said i put my frineds at the first before my family same as my second brother.
Haha,is this called sibling?
I didn't deny it because i also can felt like that.
I don't know why,but mybe that is my personality.
Nobody can change it.
I love my freinds ver much same as my famliy.
If one day my friends betray me,i don't know how i would.
Either angry,forgive or act as nothing?
But i can say that,if i really angry with one of my friends,i can very angry until i don't want speak with him/her.
I can't face with them anymore when i think back what they done to me.
Anyway,i am very happy to have a friends like u guys and i will appreciate what i have and cherish it...

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