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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Sad and Disappinted

The day before,i felt so sad and hurt with my friends.
I don't know if them discovered it or not.
That day was one of my friend birthday.I think he/she will ask us to accompany them to celebrate,so i was so excited and expected to receive their message.
The time pass again and again,i didn't receive any message from them,so i give up and thought they totally didn't do any party or celebration.
On the next day,unfortunately i had found somethings that i can't believe.
Actually all of them have go to celebrate but it is without me.
I felt sad and hurt.Why i am the excepted 1?are me not important among them or they totally don't want my joining.
I don't know.And I think if they have go to celebrate,they might date me because we didn't meet for a long time already.But they didn't.
After that,i wrote a lot in my facebook status,i felt uncomfortable and unsatisfied.
Its too hurt when i discovered it.One of my friend commented my status.
They asked me not to think too much because it was not as i think.I also hope it was not as i think,but i can felt that there must somethings that i don't know.
I can't even guess it.
My brain is full of sadness and hurt.
I don't know what i will do if i meet them.
I can't control.I hope i won't treat them badly.

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