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Thursday, October 21, 2010


yeaterday my frenz n i went out to watch movie at Suria Sabah..
We finished claz on 10am.
After tat,we went Suria by bus,haha..this is our 3rd time take bus together,hmm,nice....
After we bought the movie ticket,we walked to Wisma took lunch at there.
But b4 tat,i had bought a new sim card,haha,Digi Easy Prepaid..i like it..
We took our lunch at Food court,cz there are nothing to eat at there,hmm...
After a few hours shopping,we walked back to Suria and find some games to play,wakaka,we walked in to the fun square and play the race car.
Since itwas still early,we took some picture,hee,we act as the actor of those movie,haha,,really funny.
Despite of tat,i was so expect with the 3D mvie,cz it was my 1st time,wakaka...
The movie was started..
I wore the spec tat being given,hee,but i didnt c ant different for tat lah..
Anyway,enjoyed it..

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