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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


2day we finished english claz early because ms had a bad sore throat.After that,we took our lunch at City Mall,The cross...the food quite nice and the price also acceptable,not really expensive..hee..
After we ate,we had a walk around the city mall and buy some sweets to eat during housekeeping practical later..haha
We were being asked to do the cleaning part,such as wiped the window, washed toilet and mop the floor..I am very happy that my group were very cooperate and we are happy to stay in this group too...
Same as the english claz,we finished claz early.I go to meet my christine jie to buy mask,haha...because i was attractive with that. I had bought 2 pieces of mask from her,which is '我的美丽日记' brand...I heard this brand before that that are very good n deserved.
After i finish my bath, i started to do masking..I felt fresh after using this new mask,haha..thx jie....^^


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