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Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Honestly,i had fall in love with you since the very first time we met.
But too bad, its just a short distance to look out you.
That time i was curious if u have a girlfriend or not?
After the 2nd time we met, i was so happy & felt unbelievable,we met again!!!
Although we not much talk or even never talk,but i know u like to talk(talkative & friendly).
Within my 1st impression, u're a helpful & smart guy. You like to joking & make people laugh, oh,u're so attractive.
We met again.
You say 'Hi' to me & it make me warm.
Along the journey, it was much grateful that you're joining together. You made my day.
In the middle-ing, it was a miracle for me. I cant even express what feeling should i have.(暗笑)
I like the way you talk although it so stupid,but i just felt like 'oh, thanks god for letting you appear again'.
I hope we can start from be a friends. 
I don't know how your impression to me,maybe just a normal girl.
However, i am just a simple girl that sometimes felt inferiority with myself.
But i know i have to stay stronger to have a better life.
I am waiting you right here^^

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