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Monday, August 30, 2010

My plan

31/8-Study MCQ & true or false of IT~
1/9-Dye my hair,study 15 essay question for IT,practice 'qi gong'~
2/9-usual go class,study for Principal of Management~
3/9-usual go class in restaurant,study for Principal of Management,practice 'qi gong'~
4/9-kitchen class,study for MCQ & true or false,15 essay question and Principal of Management~
5/9-help mum at shop,study and study~
6/9-dateline for test 1 in IT and Principal of Management~
7/9-usual go class,take lunch at Burger King
8-17/9-Holiday is starting~
10-15/9~travel to Kuching~

Huhu~many things to do..will i follow this schedule according?
I wish i could.
God bless me for all this plan k,especially my test 1..

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