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Saturday, August 28, 2010

The day before yesterday, my bi,emily helped her bi,eric to organize a birthday party at kk box.
All of us had been invited(DHTM & DCA).
We have book a student package so it is more cheaper.
There are include buffet dinner,2 glass of drinks per person and singing until 1am.
huhu..It gonna be a enjoyable party.
Besides that,Emily also has order some cups cake to replace the birthday cake.The taste is quite nice.
I love it.<3
All of us have selected a lot of song such as English and Chinese.
Haha,but the most funny things is,when i sing 'wu ding' with 1 of my frez,i didnt have any feeling,hee.
We laugh until can't sing,by the way,we enjoy it.
Before the day come,Emily was very busy in this event.
She has to do a lot of thngs to make sure this party is going smooth,such as,invite people,book palace and cake.
I can see how important was the event to her.
The main reason is,she wants to give a surprise to Eric..hee..
Glad to see that.
Anyway,thanks for invite us to this party.

Bi,wait for ur birthday party liao now...^^

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