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Thursday, August 26, 2010

New of me..

Hee,i went to saloon at 8.30am this morning.
After i washed my hair,the stylist help me to cut my hair in layer style.
After that,i waiting for my turn to add medicine on my hair.(the re bonding chemical).
The moment i wait to wash hair after add medicine,i took some magazines to see.
I saw there have many nice and attractive hair style.
I think to cut too,but unfortunately,my hair are too short to do that>.<
After half hour passed,finally,i washed my hair.I am so happy because the smell of the medicine is too strong,haha..
They re bonding my hair after that.
Haha,my hair so funny.
After this,i have to wait for 20 minutes without move here and there,because it will influence the result.
OMG~my neck so pain,but anyway,i already used to it.
Finally,i was called by them to wash.yuhuu~

After cut and cut again,my new hair became this.huhu..

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