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Monday, September 20, 2010

Kuching's trip

On 10 of Sep,my family and i went to Kuching to attend my cousin's wedding and have a fun at there.
When we arrive there,we went to eat at my jiu mu shop.Wow,damn hungry tat time,because we have to wake up early which our flight is on 6.45am.
There are a lot of yummy food at there such as laksa,kan lao mee,rojak,ABC and others,hmm,sure become fat in this few days.
On the next days,we went to 'qing shan yan'..It take almost 1 and a half hour to arrive there..
It stated inside the malay village,but luckily,there are not much people..
My cousin and i had take a lot of pic at there,yeah..
On the 13 of sep,my jiu2 and jiumu finally married.
We woke uo on 4.30am to prepare the 'gang cha' geh things,wow,so sleepy oo..
When we arrive,just know all the things ad being prepared..haix..make us woke up early o...
Anyway,my jiu2 and his 'heng dai' went to fetch jiu mu..I think they must being play by the jiu mu 'heng mui',haha..
After that come back,we start the 'gang cha' ceremony..
They have to serve the he person that odest than them such as mother and sister them..
I had get a angpau from my jiu2..yeah...happy~
The night of tat day we have a dinner at the restaurant also.
But b4 that,we have invite a stylist to help us make up and hairdo..wow,so excited..
In the night,there are a lot of people attend the wedding party until not engh table for some of the people..hmm..
I met a lot of cousin at there..wow...love and happy...cz long time didnt c jor..we have chit chat also...
My mum and aunt had present some songs to regard my jiu2 and jiu mu..
Besides that,my cousin also has perform some songs...
At the last,my jiu2 presented a love song to my jiu mu..wow...sweet..happy for them...
Anyway,we enjoyed it very much..
Before we backed to sabah,i had ate all the famous food at there,hmm...satsfied ad..
I dont know when ihave chance to bac there again...Hope i have tat chance,cz i like there very much..and my sister and brother also stayed at there...

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