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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Mix plan

Spaghetti Ham Carbonara 
Spaghetti Mutton Lamb
Ham & Chicken Salad


Hmm,long time didn't update my blog already oo..
Hee,cz tis few days busy with test..
Finally,all the test finished by yesterday...
2 test in one day again o...haix..
Juz now go view my IT result,erm,okok lol..at least passed lol..
erm,last week went Mcd with my bi and frez..
And go City Mall with my aunt..huhu...go 'The Hut' to take our lunch..
The food not bad,and not expensive also..
Then, we ate GCB that we think to eat for a long ago already,haha...
The taste ok also lah..not bad..
After 2mrw i have my holiday ad..yuhuu~
Before go Kuching,will go shopping wit my frez 1st..haha..
So enjoy oo...wakaka...

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