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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


2mrw my friends and i plan to go to watch "The Child"s eyes"...wow...they say watching in 3D lagi tiam,omg...it is very scary..Those ghost walk in front u and seem want to go through u...btw,i think it will so excite and acsry..
Anyway,i'm waiting for that.
After that,my friend asked me to stay at her house after watch movie,i think soo,because i not dare to sleep alone at home after watch that,n my home no people also,my mum them go KL on 2mrw morning..
Hmm,i haven't decide if i want to stay or not,cz she has family again,paiseh oo...
Anyway,smooth wind to my mum them on 2mrw morning..
And to me too,on friday...
Hope everything is ok,cz it is my 1t time takes the plane alone...

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