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Monday, October 4, 2010


Actually today my friend invites me to her birthday party geh.
But unfortunately my mother goes to kuching today,so i cant join,sorry ah mei chen and happy birthday to you oo^^
Later will go to eat pizza hut with my friend,haha...because there have nothing to eat again around putatan,haix..pity oo...
This situation will continuous for few weeks oo..wakao... will die o like tat...
But luckily 2 weeks from now,i will go to KL..can relax a while..haha..
This thursday my brother and sister-in law will have thier 'guo da li'..erm,don't know how they feel now?
Nervous,excited?haha..they just know
My mum went to kuching on today lol,later back all house just me only..haha
Free lol...
I can sleep at my mum room and watch watever television programme that i wish..
Just now went to eat pizza hut with my friends.
We had order a sensasi which have i pan of pizza,spaghetti,2 glass of pepsi,2 bowl of mushroom soup and 6 pieces of garlic bread.
After that,i have order a a la carte of spaghetti again,wow...really much.
But never mind lol,not everyday eat also.
.Now waiting for 3pm geh moral class,haix..damn suck every weeks wait like this,i think will die o..
Everyday face to the laptop and online...
What can do,INTI management makes people felt mad..
We have invite a chef to give us a carving demo.
This is because this saturday we gonna have a fiesta competition.
I have join the friut carving categories,but actually i don't know anything about carving.
But luckily,my mum know some of carving,then will ask for her help.
I ask her to teach me about the watermelon carving.
Because she had done it before.
Hope i can learn it completely by this friday,because this thursday she just back here from kuching,i scare i still don't know the skill.
Anyway,good luck for me yaa...

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