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Monday, December 6, 2010

Long trip

5 more hours,i will be in the flight already,yuhuu~
I will depart on 6.55am and arrive Johor Bahru on 9.10am if there are no delay,i hope no..
I think my bro will be the one who go airport to pick me.
Hmm,my sis will take care of my popo at hospital until 2mrw morning..
I hope she will get well soon.
My mum and aunt will go JB on this wednesday,and i will foloow my bro them go to KL on tuesday,hmm,just stay 1 day at JB.
I am not sure if how long i will stay at KL,because my bro them will go to genting on 7-9 of Jan,i think to join them,but if really have specific reason and situation,i think i can't join lol..hmm,hope everything is going smooth..
God bless my popo and all of my family..^^

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