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Thursday, December 2, 2010

A sudden trip

Last night my sister-in law and brother asked me if i want to follow them go KL or not after visiting grandma at JB on next monday.Hee,i think and think,finally,i said yes...Because i think even though i stay at JB,i also have nothing to do,the main point is my grandma de disease,i hope she can stay longer,because doctor said she has no more oxegen already and just wait time..>.<
I will take monday morning geh flight to JB..hee,take flight alone again,yuhuu...nice experience,just the different place only..
My 2 brother,sister-in law and sister will go JB on tis sunday by bus.
On next Tuesday,i will follow them go KL by bus again,hee..hope it will be a nice trip.
If can,maybe think to cook forthem,hmm,because all of them will be busy with work and i stay at home be the chef..haha...not lah..just a joke..
Actually 15 of Dec,i have a appointment with doctor to medical check for my eyes.Every year i also need to go hospital de,mybe this year have to postpone it,because have to take care my grandma.
Anyway,it not a matter.Just enjoy my trip happily and god bless my grandma too..

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